T O UR    B E G I N S

As your Tour Guide, I ask that you pay attention and don't stray! You will have plenty of time to immerse yourself in dptopia afterwards. Let my tour whet your appetite *wink*.

First off, let me tell you about - me, because It'd be really great! For starters, I am a ViDoLL. What's that you ask? Well, a ViDoLL stands for Virtual iDoLL. iDoLL is a double meaning word, idol if you take away the second 'l', and doll when the 'i' at the front goes. Basically it means that I am both an Idol, something all you guys and gals out there have heart-aches for, and a doll, at your service because that's my job - to help you.

That's right, I'm and ViDoLLs in general are yours to command, to an extent anyway, we wont do anything that isn't in our Personality Construct. We'll also let you know about things of imporantance to us. For example - the tour will go into more detail soon - I like to know all the gossip that's flying around about the high and mighty and when ever you come and see me, I'll tell you all about it! Because you want to know as well, that's why you chose me as your ViDoLL.

OK, back on track eyeballs. In this Tour I will show you what dptopia plans for the internet and world in general (dark maniacal laughing in the background) .... right ... which is aimed at two specific areas.

  1. Business Network Collaboration (BNC), and
  2. Customer Network Collaboration (CNC).

Both of these relate equally well to Corporations, Governments, NPO's and even CNC can be applied to the typical personal web site! All those viewers are really just customers even if you don't have anything to sell - you do want them to come back or bookmark you site, don't cha?

Now, I, and all the other ViDoLLs come into, you guesed it brainiac, CNC. We're a face your network of customers and business partners will see and work with. If a supplier or marketer wanted to know about product sales, they could ask the really boring Touji.

He'd give you all the statistics and graphs and throw in some magazine articles about the company as well 'cause he's such a good salaryman.

Now follow me as we delve deeper into dptopia and its two core'n'complentary platforms, Maya : archipelago and Maya : lorielJump!.