T O U R    : M A Y A

dptopia's two principle activities are covered by an umbrella called MAYA (Maya), which stands for

My Assistant, Your Assistant

Maya is about letting people help themselves by providing all the information and tools that they need where they can find 'em. A ViDoLL fits position perfectly, we present 'you' with information that we think you need to know based on our Personality Construct.

People should be able to do everything that they need without having to disturb someone else, escpecially for employees. If a worker can't get, or has to ask someone for information that they need then something wrong has happened.

The Maya principle is sort of 'Power To The People', but more accurately 'The Necessary Power To Those Who Need It' (TNPTTWNI - that makes your head spin). It's all about efficiencies, you can do your work efficiently, so that means because you aren't disrupting anyone else, they will be more efficient as well.

Time and efficiency, this is even more important for the Web. There is so much information, so many web sites nowadays that search queries return a *lot* of junk and lot of time is spent wading through it to find the gold so to speak. Frustrating believe me, and I'm sure you do. It's also frustrating for the web sites that want to get visitors, they have to rely on the patience of users to find them! Quite a conumdrum.

Maya's focus on this is for sites to get better at classifying themselves and in presenting the right material for search engines to pick up and categorise. Searches return so much junk because so many sites don't get themselves categorised properly if at all.

I could go into more detail, but this is a Tour, so just a snapshot, but I will say quickly that Maya will provide searching between its sites, so that should make searching a lot easier! (fingers crossed).

Now, moving on to archipelago and lorielJump!